Thursday, May 1, 2008

We Are What We Share or Web 2.0 Educator Community Proposal

In March I had an idea. Actually, the idea has been percolating since July, but it began to take its current shape in March at the national convention for ASCD in New Orleans, 2008. A great experience, but it lacked something. Technology was not represented by the latest thinking in the education profession. So I decided to do something about it.

Valerie Truesdale, ASCD president mentioned to me that the 2009 annual conference in Orlando was "Learning Beyond Boundaries." I created a wiki and invited my online colleagues to work with me to submit a collaborative proposal to ASCD. Many people showed interest and several contributed to the wiki. I used the content that people contributed to develop...

A Proposal for Collaboration between ASCD and the Web 2.0 Educator Community for ASCD’s 2009 Annual Conference: Learning Beyond Boundaries

The proposal is worth reading, but the process we went through is just as interesting.

First there were the "tweets" that went out through inviting those in my online Network to the conversation. You can read the conversation that started it all here. Then I created a page for drafting the proposal which you can see here. Finally, this week we finished the proposal and you can see that here.

I want to thank all who joined the Learning Beyond Boundaries wiki and others who visited and expressed interest and support for the effort. Earlier tonight I emailed the proposal page link to three leaders within ASCD. I hope we are successful. If we are, I hope you will contribute to this effort by joining the wiki and helping us as we work with the ASCD 2009 annual conference program committee to follow through on the proposal.

Nothing worth doing is ever done in vain. (I said that.)

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Sarah Stewart said...

Hi Dennis, good luck with your proposal. I am thinking about how I can encourage people in my profession to open up their conference to a wider online audience. best wishes Sarah

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