Monday, April 28, 2008

In Their Own Words ~ Students Learning with Web 2.0 or Two Master Teachers at Work

Chris Harbeck and Darren Kuropatwa are mathematics teachers in Canada; Chris at Sargent Park School, a junior high school in Winnipeg and Darren at Daniel McIntyre Collegiate only a few blocks from Sargent Park. In April 2008 they brought a few of their students to Manitoba for the Pan-Canadian Interactive Literacy Forum to speak about their learning experiences in their respective math classes using Web 2.0 tools. Listen to Chris and Darren and their students speak. Be ready to take notes on the interactive internet tools the students refer to that have become signposts for how technology has become a transparent backdrop to the real business of school - learning. More important however, be ready to be inspired by these teachers' comments and the students' presentations. Remember as you are watching and listening to these SlideShares that if students do not have teachers like Darren and Chis who are willing to learn how to use Web 2.0 tools and use them to push learning off the charts for their students, the students in our schools will never have the learning experiences of which these students speak.

Here is Chris Harbeck and three of his students, Kate, Karen, and Angelo, speaking about their learning.

Here is Darren Kuropatwa and three of his students, Chris Cadonic, Graeme Weiss, and Mark Rabena, speaking about their learning.

Finally, don't miss the Q and A after the presentations, which you can find on Darren's blog in a post on the conference right here.

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Mr. H said...

Thanks for the blog post. The kids were so amazing at this conference. They left many of the adults appreciating a real life presentation instead of a boring power point display.

The kids came up with all of the content themselves and were flawless presenters.


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