Sunday, February 10, 2008

Interactive American History Websites

John Maklary from Katy, Texas, United States is a Technology Coordinator and Middle School Computer teacher at a PK-8 parochial school in Houston, Texas. His ed tech interests as of late include Digital Storytelling, Geo-Literacy projects, and incorporating more read-write web tools in his classroom.

He attended a workshop session on Interactive American History Websites and did a live blog post on what he was learning. Cover-It-Live was the tool he used.
Cover It Live Blog Post from Workshop on Interactive American History Websites from Learning 2.0 Resources.



John Maklary said...

Hi Dennis, glad you joined me for the Live Blog. I hope to run into you again soon. Hope you enjoyed Texas! Austin is the greatest city IMHO.

Dennis Richards said...

Hi John,

The blogging you did presented the richness of the materials the presenter was offering. Thanks for providing me immediate access to a very helpful resource.

My high school social studies department head read my blog post and was excited to have the resource. She's going to pass it along to her colleagues.

Don't forget to email the presenter.


John Maklary said...

I just received the handout from the presenter. I missed a LOT of sites! My SS teachers were pretty excited to get this stuff!

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