Saturday, December 1, 2007

Why is this like our jobs as educators in K12 schools? Leave your thoughts as a comment.....

Here is a video that was presented in a workshop on Professional Learning Comunities by Richard and Becky DuFour, December 1, 2007, New England Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development.


Moturoa said...

Loved the video!


Charlene Chausis said...

Hi Dennis
Great video. Would have loved to be part of the discussion it sparked. Did you happen to catch the live chat that the DuFours participated in on Nov. 19? has transcripts.


Dennis Richards said...

Hi Allanah and Charlene,
It is a cute video.
I did catch the transcript of the DuFours on the Ed Week site. The conclusion at the conference: Educators are working hard enough; we have to work smarter by focusing on the right thing, instruction. I'm working on an article summarizing my thoughts on sustaining PLCs that I will post in two or three parts.

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