Monday, February 4, 2008

Math Comics Web Site or Opportunity for Formative Assessment?

Jackie B from my network put me onto this site. Students with an interest in mathematics will appreciate the humor: Brown Sharpie. Math teachers can use the comics to add a little levity to the learning. If carefully guided by the teacher, I suspect it could also allow students with an aesthetic interest to show other students in the class how you can use an artistic lens to take a substantive look at math concepts in a way that extends and deepens their learning. What a great activity to publish in posts, a new scribe post activity worth investigating for math class - do the math and transform your understanding into something fun. For those who might not understand the math concept, it would help to accompany the comic with an explanation of the math. For another activity, how about asking your students to explain the math in the comic in a way that their parents can understand? In all cases these are opportunities, I suspect, for the teacher to assess what students understand about the math ~ formative assessment. With that information in hand, you can take the next step for each learner that is appropriate given their current level of understanding.

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