Sunday, October 14, 2007

Animoto: Video Production on Demand

So you are sitting at your computer and you have 30 minutes to produce a one minute video for some reason. Your have the pictures loaded in your computer and you're wondering who can help you... Animoto! Bill Johnsen twittered a comment about a video he had just finished. I checked it out and decided it was time to try to test the site. I had my pictures from a local garden I visit. I signed in and decided to do a short video (30 seconds). I loaded the pictures I wanted to use, and was notified by Animoto there were too many for a short video. Do I pay the $3 they charge or just let them cut the pictures so I can get off free? I decided to pay the $3 - I could have paid $30 for a year of access. Music was included along the way although I could have come up with my own track if I had it loaded - maybe next time. And wha-la! My first one minute video, Butterfly, is here. 30 minutes from Bill's twitter to the finished video. Some of the representations of the pictures have lines in them (not in the originals), but not bad. A great tool for kids (using the 30 second video option) or teachers who want a quick, easy way to introduce a subject, lesson, unit. I did download the video to the RealPlayer so I would have it. FYI, for some reason the video is not showing up in my account - have to check on that. Enjoy.... Butterfly

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