Monday, October 22, 2007

Amos & Boris ~ Storytime for Children

With some help from AllanahK and Chris Betcher I was able to understand how VoiceThread works. But to really make it stick, I decided I needed to create my own.

Along the way I watched a VoiceThread on New Zealand money that Miss K's class produced and titled Money, Money, Money. In their own words, "Today we recorded our comments for our Voicethread about New Zealand's money. We used a resource from the Reserve Bank to find out more about our coins and notes." The students' work inspired me to use this tool in a very familiar way to say thank you to them.

Because I occasionally visit classes to read stories, I decide to use VoiceThread to read a story to Miss K's class in New Zealand.

Hope you enjoy it kids! Mr. Richards

PS When you start the story thread, you can use the magnifying glass to zoom in and out with a click and to move around the screen by moving the cursor left and right. You can also record an audio comment or a text comment by clicking on the appropriate button and clicking save when you are finished. Click the arrows to move to the next screen shot. The cluster of four small photos can be clicked to bring up a screen of all the pages. Click a page to go to it.


Moturoa said...

A really great use of Voicethread.

I am sure my class will love the friendship in the story as I share the Voicethread tomorrow.

Thank you

Allanah K

Wendy said...

A wonderful story and you did a fabulous job using voicethread to tell it. I particularly like Amos' voice :)

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